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Adjust Servings:
5 Egg Yolks
200 ml Cream 36%
500 gr Mascarpone Cheese
75 gr Sugar (White)
around 30 units Ladyfingers
30 gr Cocoa powder
2 gr Salt
10 gr Powder Sugar
150 ml Coffee I used "Orange and Cinamon scented coffee", however use the one you like the most or closer to you
35 grams Sugar (White)
60 ml Water
120 ml Hochmoorgeist


  • Dessert

Easy, delicious and it's believed it "picks you up"

  • Serves 6
  • Easy




This dessert, great for its taste, however, has quite an unclear origin. First thing in common in all the stories is the name of the dessert, tiramisu, which translates “Pick me up” thanks to the energy value provided by its ingredients, second thing in common is the location, all the stories I have read about it, place the origin of Tiramisu in the north of Italy.

Some stories place the origin of this dessert in the XVII century in honor of Cosimo III de Medici, Tuscany Duke and it became so popular among the courtesans. The second story places it in Torino in the XIX century, when this dessert was created as a sort of delicious and creamy “red bull” to “motivate”  the Count of Cavour in his task of unifying the Italian peninsula. The third story and the most recent places the origin of Tiramisu in the second half of the XX century, when the brothels of Treviso offered to their clients a delicious “snack” to regain strength, after 1958 when a law obliged to close all the brothels, the recipe was recovered and sold in restaurants. Historians agree that the third story the most likely to be the “real” origin, mostly due to sanitary issues (mascarpone cheese, eggs).

I based my recipe in the recipe from the book “Culinaria Italy” with little modifications in the steps to follow and main ingredients, however, I dared to pasteurize the egg yolks to avoid salmonellosis and a little longer fridge time and I wanted to contribute with a different way of the coffee that baths the ladyfingers.


Source: “La Historia del Tiramisú” in this link

Recipe: Tiramisu by “Culinaria Italy



Mix the 35 grams of sugar with 60 ml of water in a pot and put in a low-medium fire until it's transparent, let it reduce to 4/5 of its original size and add the coffee and the hochmoorgeist. Let it cool down.


Cream the egg yolks (pasteurized if possible) with 60 grams of sugar with a whisker or an electric mixer until smooth and the mix double its original size


Beat the cream with 15 grams of sugar until it has a firm consistency.


Add to the egg yolks and sugar mix the mascarpone cheese in small amounts while mixing. Finally, add the whipped cream slowly to this mixture.


Line up the ladyfingers in a cast and sprinkle them with the coffee mixture (In my case I used a garden spray to control the amount of coffee instead of a spoon). Do not let soak the ladyfingers because when taking a piece it will ruin the base of the tiramisu.


Once the ladyfingers have absorbed the coffee mix, spread the egg yolks, mascarpone, and cream on top them. Mix the cocoa powder, caster sugar, and salt and sprinkle over the cream. Let rest in the fridge about 2 hours before serving or better overnight.


Sergio Varela

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