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Tripice na Dalmatinski (Tripes in Dalmatian Style)

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500 grams Tripes Could use beef orpork
1 piece Garlic Sausage
70 grams Smoked Bacon
7 cloves Garlic
100 ml Olive Oil
5 small pieces Onion Pref. chalotte type
1 piece Carrot
1 Stick in small pieces Celery
150 ml Tomato Sauce
100 ml Chicken Stock
50 grams in small pieces Prosciutto
1 teaspoon Sugar (White)
1 pinch Cilantro
1 pinch Black pepper
1 pinch dry or fresh Thyme
1 pinch Salt
Grana Padano
4 small pieces Potatoes
1 L Sunflower Oil

Tripice na Dalmatinski (Tripes in Dalmatian Style)

  • Meat
  • Spicy
  • 1.5 hours
  • Medium




This recipe is traditional in the area of Dalmatia. It is an area that takes up most of Croatia’s coast and its islands, and it used to be part of the Roman Empire. In addition, centuries later it came under the rule of Venice, which explains the strong influence of Italian cuisine and language.

Similar international variations of this recipe can be found in the Italian “Trippa all savoiard” or “Trippa alla pisana“, Hungarian “Pacalpörkölt“, Slovakian “Držková polievka“, Polish “Flaki po warszawsku” or Northen Croatian “Špek fileki“, having in common tomato sauce, bacon, garlic and the tripes!

Many people find this plate difficult to choose as a meal for the fact of the tripes. Don’t lose faith! I believe it depends also on the company and the way they are prepared (also not having childhood memories about it might help!). I must say that I am a great fan of this ingredient, I have tried Colombian mondongo or Spanish Callos a la madrileña, the only advice I can give is… Give it a chance! For God’s (Flying Spaghetti monster or who you want to call) sake! 😀

I extracted the recipe from Ino Kuvačić’s book “Dalmatia” and gave it a personal touch, trying to make it appetizing for people who is used to the traditional recipe but keeping the essence and flavours of the recipe.



Cook in a pressure cooker (setting 2 | 1.0 bar) the tripes with the garlic sausage and 4-5 black pepper grains during 45-60 minutes


Put on a hot pan the garlic cloves to minimize the strong flavour for 1 to 2 minutes. After this, with a kitchen robot or a mixer, mix together the garlic, the smoked bacon and 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of olive oil


In a pot cook the onion and 85 ml of olive at low fire, once soft, add the carrot and the celery. Move constantly during 4-5 minutes. Add the bacon, garlic and olive oil paste and mix and move for 1 more minute. Sieve this mix to remove as much oil as possible.


Add the cooked tripes to the mix of vegetables from the previous step


Cook the tomato sauce and the chicken stock (and add the sugar) during 15-20 minutes. Finally, use the blender until getting an orange colour.


Cut the potatoes in julienne or with a mandoline in thin layers and fry in sunflower oil until crunchy


In a non-stick pan at medium fire, put grated Grana Padano to create a crust (be careful to not overcook it, it give a bitter flavour)


To serve, put the fried potatoes first, add the tripes mix. Then a tablespoon of tomato sauce, Finally on top Grana Padano crust.

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