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Carrot Cake V1

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Adjust Servings:
330 gr Carrot
250 gr Flour (type 550, all purpose)
10 gr Corn Starch
150 gr Sugar (White)
5 gr Salt
2 tspn Cinamon powder
10 gr Baking powder
4 spoons Greek yogurt
1 tspn Alcohol vinegar
200 ml Sunflower Oil
60 gr Butter
1 Vanilla Pod
3 Large eggs
200 gr Cream cheese
80 gr Powder Sugar
1 gr Citric Acid

Carrot Cake V1

  • Cake
  • Dessert
  • 70 minutes
  • Serves 10
  • Easy




I came to the conclusion that “Carrot Cake” is one of those cakes received with a great amount of prejudice. How can a carrot accomplish that golden position of vanilla, strawberries, and chocolate? How can a vegetable be in a dessert? According to 2020 and it’s predecessor 2019, there is no golden rule for what goes where or how you should define the position of anything. #sorrynotsorry

On a personal basis, the carrot is not the star of this baked good, I believe it’s just an easy excuse to dress it as “healthy”. Cinnamon… Cinnamon is the boss in the dark and the fat of your choice the dealer, the more expensive (talking on a range of sunflower oil to butter) the better the flavor is delivered.

The difficulty of this cake is hilarious and once you make it, you will be the Cinnamon of the party! but that’s just a biased opinion




In a big bowl mix all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, corn starch, salt, cinnamon powder, baking powder) *As a plan be, you can replace the 10 gr of baking powder for 6 gr of baking soda and 4 gr of cream of tartar*
Peel and grate the carrot



This step can be prepared in advance: Put in a pot the oil, butter and the vanilla pod (cut in half) in a very low fire, the butter needs to melt and be warm (60-70º) to get the vanilla essence in the fat. Let chill to room temperature.
Alternatively, you can use vanilla essence without infusing in the oil.
All the ingredients should be at room temperature, if they are warm they might not help the cake to rise.

Turn the oven to 180º C



Add to the dry ingredients mix the oil and butter infusion (or just oil, butter, and vanilla essence). Add the grated carrot and mix well.
Add 3-4 generous spoons of Greek yogurt and the teaspoon of alcohol vinegar to the mix (and mix well) just before put it in the mold and then to the oven.
You can use a regular circular mold for the mix. To make several layers, you can use a flat tray (and rectangular) where you can spread the mix

30-40 minutes

Put in the oven for 30-40 minutes. To avoid that cake rises in the center and leave an ugly shape, the first five minutes in the oven, leave a wooden spoon in the door (this avoids the rise of pressure in the oven while it starts baking)

3 min

Cream on Top

Mix the cream cheese, the powder sugar, and citric acid (You can use some lemon skin if you don't have citric acid) to prepare the cream on top and leave in the fridge


If you decided to go for the circular shape, once the cake has chilled, put the cream on top. If you used the rectangular shape and flatter cake, you can cut to create several layers, put cream between layers and voila (French for here you go)

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